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Reduce weight loss in primary chilling with humidity

The average weight loss during primary chilling in an abattoir typically varies from around 1.9-2.8% of the total weight of the carcasses being cooled. This represents a significant loss in possible profit for an abattoir operator but has traditionally been accepted as an unavoidable effect of the cooling process.

It doesn't need to be this way !

By maintaining a high humidity of between 90-95%RH in the chill down area, moisture is discouraged from leaving the carcass during cooling. This can reduce the carcasses' weight loss to around 1% and result in a dramatic improvement in the meat's final chilled weight.

Specialist abattoir humidifiers will release fine sprays of moisture into a chill store's atmosphere without any wetting on the carcasses. Reverse osmosis filtration and ultra violet sterilisation of the supply water ensures hygienic operation.

The high humidity has an additional benefit of improving thermal transfer, allowing the carcasses to reach their chilled temperature quicker. This reduces refrigeration energy consumption and inhibits microbial growth.

Example of the potential savings

For an abattoir cooling 300 beef carcasses in a 24 hour chill cycle, five days per week at an average cost of £1.65/kg and an average carcass weight of 250kg, the improvement in profits by reducing primary chilling weight loss from 2.5-1.2% are:

Week 1 improved profit - £8,044

Week 2 improved profit - £16,088

Week 3 improved profit - £24,131

Week 4 improved profit - £32,175

Week 5 improved profit - £40,219

Week 6 improved profit - £48,263

Week 7 improved profit - £56,306

Week 8 improved profit - £64,350

Week 9 improved profit - £72,394

Week 10 improved profit - £80,438

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