Condair ME evaporative humidifier & cooler

The Condair ME provides low energy humidity control and evaporative cooling to an air handling unit or duct.

A single unit can provide up to 1,200kg/hr of humidification and 822kW of evaporative cooling to an air stream while operating on less than 1kW of electricity. As well as being economic to run the Condair ME is also easy to operate with an advanced touch screen control panel, simple to maintain with industry leading service features and employs the latest in hygiene technology.

The self-contained hydraulic unit supplies water to the top of the evaporative module, located either inside or outside the duct. Exterior mounting enables most servicing to be carried out without having to shut down and enter the air handling unit.

The Condair ME incorporates up to seven low energy 32W pumps rather than single large pump. This allows proportional energy consumption to system output and provides up to seven-stage control as standard.

Evaporative humidifiers provide instant humidification in the AHU so they can be situated in short section lengths without the risk of wetting on bends. As minerals left behind after evaporation are regularly sent to drain, service requirements are considerably less than steam humidification.



What our clients say

Amir Ibrahimagic - Group Business Development Manager at Konvekta

“The reliability of Condair ME is second to none for us. And that's because they use high quality products when it comes to components, which leads to high longevity. The standout benefit of working with Condair is that they are very hands on when it comes to helping us, making sure that we deliver the most energy efficient solution for our clients."

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Cooling & humidity control

The Condair ME offers the benefits of low cost cooling in the summer and economic humidification in the winter.

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