Expert humidifier engineers offer expect advice on your humidifier

Would you like a free humidifier health check?

If you have an industrial humidification system on-site and would like an expert humidifier engineer to give you advice on its performance, operation or maintenance, a member of our team will visit you free of charge.

As part of the inspection you will receive:

- Expert advice on your humidifier's set-up

- Verification of your humidifier's performance

- Advice on how to lower energy consumption

- Advice on your water testing obligations in connection with your humidifier under the HSE's L8 guideline

Get your free humidifier health-check

Professional assessment of your humidification systems

A Condair engineer will attend your site and review your humidification system. They will undertake an extensive 25-step technology-specific review, including checking the installation, hygienic operation, water quality and software set-up.

Advice can also be given on any aspect of hygiene control in relation to L8 or the unit's operation.

Following the visit, you will receive a detailed report on the condition of the system and any recommendations Condair makes as a result of your site's specific humidity control requirements.


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